Release Notes


  • Implemented permission request before downloading an event
  • Fixed issue with status bar color when interacting with component
  • Improved retry and delay in dynamic event translation requests


  • Changed translation for "Cara Desconocida" to "Desconocido"


  • Fixed network connection issue


  • Added face recognition events
  • Added event category translations
  • Added audio categorized type to display an icon instead of a snapshot


  • New Event API 2.4 integration
    • Support provided for dynamic event types
    • Added an initial option to hide selected event types
    • Added dynamic translations and priorities
  • Added initial option to hide camera title


  • Initial release:
    • Loads Timeline UI component
    • Populate Events and Recordings
    • Includes functionalities such as snapshot, zoom, speed play, video export, playback and sharing
    • Provides properties to customize Primary and Secondary colors
    • Includes feature to Show/Hide the few UI components based on usage