EE Cloud Camera Spec

The Eagle Eye Camera SDK ‘EE Connect’ can get any (Onvif) camera connected with true plug & play cloud connectivity, enabling our platform to work for your camera of choice!

Manage all your cameras securely in the cloud
With the Eagle Eye CameraManager platform, we help companies to build, deliver and manage a cloud-based video surveillance service for their residential and SME customers.

All customers’ cameras can be connected directly to the cloud eliminating the need for extra wiring and hardware and is especially suitable for installations with 1-4 cameras per location. Via a globally accessible REST API and powerful mobile SDK’s any company can create its own cloud surveillance service and integrate this into ANY existing security, access control or building automation platform.

Not your own developers? Don’t worry! With our white label (mobile) apps and Dealer Dashboard we’re enabling a super fast go to market. Contact us for the possibilities.

About EE Connect
EE Connect is an application that run on the camera. This application is optimized for running on security cameras and is already powering the direct-to-cloud Eagle Eye Networks cameras for the Eagle Eye CameraManager product. The EEConnect program helps camera manufacturers make their cameras compatible with the Eagle Eye Networks platform and handles the following:

  1. Secure and encrypted connection with the cloud via TLS 1.2
  2. Optimized for running on security cameras with Linux
  3. Identifying and pairing a camera with an end user account
  4. Multiplexing multiple HTTP and RTSP connection over a single TLS connection

EE Cloud Camera Spec WSDL files

EE Cloud MCD Spec WSDL files