Public API (v3.2)

protocol in ObjC/Swift is interface in Java; delegate in ObjC/Swift is listener in Java.
All class names in ObjC/Swift starts with prefix "CM" (i.e CMAccessTokenProvider etc).

CameraSniffer (v3.2)

class CameraSniffer

CameraSniffer(CameraSnifferDelegate delegate);

Constructs CameraSniffer instance.


Starts broadcasting for cloud cameras discovery.


Stops broadcasting.

searchDeviceManuallyAt(String ipAddress);

Searches device at given IP.

Bool isSniffing();

Returns true if broadcasting is active.

Device[] getFoundDevices();

Returns list of founded devices.

protocol CameraSnifferDelegate

@optional onFound(Device device);

Will be called when new camera has been detected in the network.

@optional onLost(Device device);

Will be called when discovered camera don't response for broadcast message.

@optional onFoundManually(Device device);

Will be called if camera has beed found using -searchDeviceManuallyAt: method.

@optional onError(MobileSDKError error);

Will be called if there's an error in the process of sniffing a camera.

class Address 

String getIp4();

Returns IP4 address of device.

String getMac();

Returns MAC address of device.

class DeviceModelInfo 

String getBrand();

Returns brand of device.

String getModel();

Returns model of device.

class Device 

Address getAddress();

Returns addresses of device.

DeviceModelInfo getModelInfo();

Returns model info of device.

Int getTypeId();

Returns type ID of device.