Get all events

Retrieve all accessible events limited in number by the (default) limit parameter and possibly filtered.

The stream urls will be returned only if the filter includeUrlTypes is provided in the request. There could be events without stream urls, this will happen if there is no recording present which can be due to reasons like low badnwidth.

Retrieved events are ordered by eventId descending, which in most of the cases means the most recent events are returned first and the events then go back in time until the limit is reached. In some cases, though, it can happen that an event with greater event id has an older timestamp than an other event, for example for Analytics events respect to the same camera's Trigger events.

Pagination is achieved by checking whether the Link header is returned in the response. If the header is returned, the caller should use the URL provided to request the next page. If no link with relation "next" is returned, that means that there are no more events that match the criteria.

If the value of a filtering options such as the cameraIds doesn't exist or the user doesn't have access to them no error is thrown. Reason for this is these options are only used to filter, not to retrieve and as such no events would be returned anyway if the user didn't have access to it. Thus supplying a cameraId that the user doesn't have access to doesn't suddenly result in more events being returned.

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