This is documentation for the new RESTful Cameramanager API. Besides the transformation from a XML based API to REST this new API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication.

The REST API uses an OAuth token based system for authentication, while the XML based API uses session ID's. All REST API calls need to be directed to

The REST API is not yet completed and therefore some parts will only be available through the existing XML based API for now. For this the REST API provides a call for creating a session id which is required for the XML API calls.

The OAuth API /oauth/token API call returns a bearer token which needs to be used in consequence API calls.

When XML API calls are replaced with new REST API calls, the XML API call will be marked as 'deprecated'.


URL's protocol like rtspHttp (or rtspHttps) - for instance in rtspHttps:// - are used to identify an RTSP over HTTP(s) connection