MobileSDKError (v3.1)

class MobileSDKError

MobileSDKErrorCode getCode();

Returns error code.

String getGeneralMessage();

Returns general message for error.

String getDetailMessage();

Returns detail message for error.

enum MobileSDKErrorCode

case internalError = 1;

An internal error has occurred.

case parsingError = 2;

The request could not be parsed correctly.

case validationError = 3; 

The request was not valid according to semantic rules.

case resourceNotFound = 4;

A resource necessary to complete this request does not exist.

case duplicateResource = 5;

The new resource could not be created as a resource with the same identifying information already exists.

case businessRuleViolation = 6;

The request violated some business rule.

case subscriptionLimitsError = 7;

The request could not be carried out because of a subscription limit.

case authenticationError = 8;

Authentication failed while it is required for the request.

case authorisationError = 9;

You are not authorized for this request.

case unsupportedOperation = 10;

The request is not supported.

case deviceCapabiiltyNotSupported = 11;

The specific resource instance does not support the requested or required capability.

case deviceAuthorizationError = 12;

Can't carry out the request as the device reports the configured user credentials are incorrect.

case deviceInternalError = 13;

Can't carry out the request as device reported an error or responded in an unexpected way.

case deviceOfflineError = 14;

Can't carry out request as the device is offline.

case serverOfflineError = 15;

Can't reach server, request time outed.