MobileSDKError (v2.0)

class MobileSDKError

Int getCode();

Returns error code.

String getGeneralMessage();

Returns general message for error.

String getDetailMessage();

Returns detail message for error.

General message
1 Internal error An internal error has occurred. Please try again later.
2 Parsing error The request could not be parsed correctly.
3 Validation error The request was not valid according to semantic rules.
4 Resource not found A resource necessary to complete this request does not exist.
5 Duplicate resource The new resource could not be created as a resource with the same identifying information already exists.
6 Business rule violation The request violated some business rule.
7 Subscription limits error The request could not be carried out because of a subscription limit.
8 Authentication error Authentication failed while it is required for the request.
9 Authorization error You are not authorized for this request.
10 Unsupported operation The request is not supported.
11 Device capability not supported The specific resource instance does not support the requested or required capability.
12 Device authentication error Can't carry out the request as the device reports the configured user credentials are incorrect.
13 Device internal error Can't carry out the request as device reported an error or responded in an unexpected way. Please try again and/or restart the device.
14 Device offline error Can't carry out request as the device is offline.
15 Server offline error Can't reach server, request timeouted.
16 Streamer error There was a problem with the streamer.