Usage Examples - Android - MobileTimelineSDK


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Set initialization parameter accessToken.

Select Camera

Set initialization parameter cameraId.

Set Zoom Level

Zoom level

Time interval

Download & Share visible

0 (Default)

2 hours



15 minutes



3 minutes


Set Colors

Primary color and secondary color can be set in file colors.xml


Set Font Family

Font resources has to be added in Android resources folder res/font to then configure the selected font in strings.xml


Hide Bottom Tab Bar GUI Component

Hide Vertical Recording Line GUI Component

Set Date-Time

This is an optional parameter. It will be current timestamp as default.


Hide Camera Name

Hide Camera Name from the Player window on the timeline screen

Hide Event Types

Hide the specific type of events you don't want to load the timeline screen


Device language will be set by the SDK. Supported languages are English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. For unsupported languages, the default language is English.