iOS - Release notes


  • Improved two-way audio support


  • Added support for new devices


  • Added improvements for adding Nubo cameras


  • Increased deployment target to iOS 10.0
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Xcode 11+ and Swift 5.1 


  • NuboCamWizard:
    • NuboCamWizardDelegate interface was extended with onConnectingToCameraProgress 
      • @optional onConnectingToCameraProgress(float progress) - Will be called periodically to update the progress of the connecting to NuboCam
  • MobileSDKError:
    • Introduced subcode filed


  • CameraWizard:
    • Added public constructors for CMAddress, CMDevice and CMWifiNetwork
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Xcode 10.2


  • Camera Streamer:
    • Introduced StreamerItemAudioStreamingMethod enumeration.
    • Interface was extended with audioStreamingMethod field.
  • Audio synchronisation and quality were improved.
  • Various bug-fixes and improvements at NuboCamWizard module.


  • "Adding Cloud PnP Camera by IP" feature introduced:
    • CameraSniffer interface was extended with -searchDeviceManuallyAt: method.
    • CameraSnifferDelegate interface was extended with -cameraSniffer:onFoundManually: method.
    • Public constructors for Address and Device classes were removed.
  • Defect was fixed in CameraWizard module when camera was not removed from account in case it failed to connect to platform in time.


  • Fixed error sometimes occurred while streaming audio to camera.
  • Improved audio/video synchronisation for live stream from Doorbell cameras.


  • Introduced DoorbellWizard module. 
  • Introduced Full-Duplex audio streaming feature:
    • Introduced CameraStreamerAudioStreamingState enumeration.
    • Extended CameraStreamer interface with -startAudioStreaming, -stopAudioStreaming methods and audioStreamingState property.
    • Extended CameraStreamerDelegate interface with -cameraStreamer:onAudioStreamingStateChanged: method.
    • Extended StreamerItemCapabilitiesMask enumeration with canStreamAudio case.
    • Removed AudioInputClient module.
  • Refactored MobileSDKError module: 
    • Introduced MobileSDKErrorCode enumeration.
    • Type of code property was changed from Int to MobileSDKErrorCode.


  • Fixed issue when CameraStreamer was entering deadlock state.
  • Improved wifi list retrieving logic at NuboCamWizard.


  • CameraStreamer interface has been redesigned. Key features:
    • Picture rendering is encapsulated: constructor takes CALayer parameter.
    • Streamed item is represented by StreamerItem instance instead of RTSP String.
    • Speed play introduced, represented by rate property (0.0 means paused, 1.0 means normal speed, 2.0 means doubled speed and so on).
    • Stepping by frame introduced, represented by -stepBy: method.
    • Other changes, check this page for more details.
  • Added public constructor for Address and Device classes. Now Device instance can be created manually and passed into CameraWizard module (useful in cases when CameraSniffer can't detect camera, for example if camera is located on different subnetwork)


  • Introduced AudioInput module.


  • CameraStreamer:
    • Constructor don't takes rtspUrlString as input parameter - it can be set at any time now. Streamer will start streaming after rtspUrlString variable set.
    • FrameDataType structure and FrameData class introduced. They can be used to change CameraStreamer frame's data output type.
    • Few callbacks added: onBufferTimeChanged; onDurationChanged. 
    • AAC audio format support added (will be determined automatically).
  • CameraWizard:
    • Wizard now returns cameraId instead of camera object. 
    • SystemProperties and Camera class removed.
  • Introduced NuboCamWizard module.
  • SwiftyJSON framework is not used by MobileSDK anymore, however it still used at Demo app.
  • Moya framework required version increased from 8.0.3 to 9.0.0


  • Initial release: 
    • Introduced CameraSniffer module.
    • Introduced CameraWizard module.
    • Introduced CameraStreamer module.
    • Introduced AccessTokenModule module.
    • Introduced MobileSDKError module.