Android - Release notes


  • Push-to-talk/full-duplex sessions

  • NuboCam wizard fixes and improvements:

    • Automatic reconnecting to NuboCam hotspot in case of disconnect
    • Improved mobile setup procedure
  • Updated dependencies (check Installation guide section)


  • "Adding Cloud PnP Camera by IP" feature introduced:
    • CameraSniffer interface was extended with searchDeviceManuallyAt() method.
    • CameraSnifferListener interface was extended with onFoundManually() method.


  • Improved two-way audio
  • Improved DoorbellWizard


  • Added DoorbellWizard component that is responsible for adding Video Doorbell camera
  • CameraStreamer: interface was extended with startAudioStreaming() and stopAudioStreaming() methods.
  • MobileSdkError: CODE_STREAMER_ERROR and CODE_AUDIO_INPUT_ERROR codes were removed.
  • Removed AudioInputClient component.


  • The SDK uses Java 8 features, therefore Java 8 support should be enabled in the application.
  • CameraStreamer:
    • The interface was changed.
    • Streamed item is represented by StreamerItem object instead of RTSP URL.
    • Speed play introduced, represented by rate property (0.0 means paused, 1.0 means normal speed, 2.0 means doubled speed and so on).
    • Stepping by frame introduced, represented by stepBy() method.
    • Other changes, check this page for more details.


  • targetSdk is set to 27 to meet Google Play's target API level requirement


  • Introduced AudioInput module.
  • Downgraded to Java 1.7


  • The SDK uses Java 8 features, therefore Java 8 support should be enabled in the application.
  • CameraWizard:
    • Wizard now returns cameraId instead of camera object.
  • CameraStreamer:
    • Constructor don't takes rtspUrlString as input parameter - it can be set at any time now. Streamer will start streaming after rtspUrlString variable set.
    • Few callbacks added: onBufferTimeChanged; onDurationChanged.
  • Introduced NuboCamWizard module.


  • initial release